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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Love Is Indeed Not Blind But Love Can See – Anita Akuffo Pointed Out.

Anita Akuffo is a renowned journalist a brand influencer an entertainment pundit and also the host of TV3 date rush show.

Yesterday Anita Akuffo pointed out on the date rush review show which was hosted by her that love is never blind but love can see.

Obviously Anita said that as a result of how some of the date rush contestants sometimes make their choice of partners on stage during the shoot.

Anita went on to say that some of the contestants make their choice on the show out of love at first sight hence love is not blind but love can see clearly.

Moreover I think it is true because for one to pick someone on the date rush show then that is love because always a decision is made by the contestants before choosing anyone on the show for a date – turn on their rushes.

Date Rush everyone deserves love.

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Anita Akuffo
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