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Mannaseh Azure – Nana, Kafra. We Made An Irreversible Mistake. Have Pity On Us Until January 7, 2025

Popular Investigative journalist Manasseh Azure Awuni has asserted that, Nana should have pity on us until January 7th 2025. He believes that we made an irreversible mistake.

In a post shared on his official Facebook page on Tuesday, 17th May 2022, Manasseh Azure wrote;

“Nana, kafra. We made an irreversible mistake. Have pity on us until January 7, 2025.”

The comments of Manasseh may come as a background to the recent hardship facing many Ghanaians as prices of goods have gone up. Amid this ECG has also proposed 148% increment.

Many people on Facebook have reacted to Manasseh’s comments.

A user wrote;

“This is why MAHAMA is thinking that Ghanaians made a mistake but I can tell you that voting Mahama out of power was a right decision at that time

“When his friends were advising us, we thought they hated him but they saw the future. Ghana ay3 mobo koraa dodo” Another user asserted.“It is regrettable to say that you Manasseh were part of the people that caused us to make this mistake, especially with your Ford Expedition Exposé. The story was narrated as if the bribery thing happened when the Bole man was president”. other uses commented.

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