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Saturday, July 2, 2022

What a World!: Massive Stir As A Lady Recorded On Camera Removing Her [email protected]$ In Public For Money -WATCH

The common one among these videos is the bloggers asking people to do strange things for money. Watching the screenshots from the video in this article, you can see that a lady is in the process of removing her pants in public. You can see a lot of people and cars passing by on the street but this lady was not feeling shy.

She almost removes her pants when the blogger told her that it was just a prank video. Looking at the facial view of the lady she was completely disappointed because the interviewer promised her N200,000.00. She was ashamed of herself that she fell for the trick of the blogger.

However, some social media users after watching the video said that what the blogger did is nonsense and that he should give the lady money as he promised. They argued that because of the hardship in the economy now, people are desperate to get money from any source to feed themselves. Even some ladies are sleeping with dogs for money so they don’t see what the lady will not agree to remove her pants for the money.

Sorry Guys, based on the policy of privacy by advertisers, the video can’t be uploaded here. CLICK HERE to join our TELEGRAM group and watch the full video.

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