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Stop treating patients as a piece of fabric – Diana Hamilton begs GH nurses » ™

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Diana Hamilton, a renowned gospel singer, has criticized how Ghanaian nurses treat hospital patients.

According to the “Adom” singer, nurses think they have dealt with many people, thus they treat patients rudely, like a seamstress mishandling materials.

“a seamstress who has to sew lots of outfits for people, therefore, sees any new cloth as one of the many she’s worked on, that’s exactly how a nurse who forgets themselves behave”, she said.

She instructed nurses not to treat patients as a seamstress treats cloth.

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“It a conscious effort that one must be willing to do in order not to see a human being as a piece of fabric, as repairing a spoilt shoe where it is required to hit it hard with an object …is a mistake nurses should be aware of…

When patients remove their medical robes, we realize they are a gentleman, a parent, or an affluent person, she said.

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