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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Questions you shouldn’t ask someone you love

Yes, you can never be too sure, about the person you are with. Either way, you should know where you stand in their lives. The reason for dating is, to get to know more about your partner. Truth be told, if the connection is real, you should find yourselves on the same page. 

There are some questions you definitely need not to ask. Below, I will take you through a few of them.

•“How would you define this relationship?” 

If by now, you can’t classify what you both have, then that makes it one-sided. If you find this question baffling you, then you’ve got to the point where your partner is giving you mixed signals.

•“Where is this heading to?”

When someone is truly into you, their intentions are made clear. You don’t have to remind your partner, how time flies. They knew the moment they started to date you that, if they really love you, they would certainly have a future with you. 

•Ask how their exes were good in bed:

This is never a good question. It would create a whole lot misunderstanding between you both. It definitely sounds as though you want to bring up past memories. 

A relationship isn’t difficult to understand. It is either your partner is in or out. There is no other way to that. 

Thank you for reading.

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