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Massive Reactions As Ghanaians Agreed That Nana’s ‘Hell Kitchen’ Is Serving Ghana Pain And Squalor

Franklin Cudjoe is the Founding President and Chief Executive Officer of IMANI Centre for Policy and Education, a think tank of global repute dedicated to the promotion of the institutions of a free society across Africa.

IMANI has been consistently ranked among the top 5 most influential think tanks in sub- Saharan Africa and among the top 100 worldwide.

He made a statement generating scores of reactions and assertions on his personal timeline on Facebook. He said

“Yes, global food and fuel prices are rising. However, some countries wasted opportunities. Ghana’s unprecedented debt iceberg hasn’t returned the needed buffers against food inflation. Nana’s ‘Hell Kitchen’ is serving pain and squalor”

Here are reactions from Ghanaians after hemmadw the post:

• The irony is that a government that claims to have implemented planting for food and jobs is recording the highest ever food inflation in recent history.

• In the first place how did we get here. The answer is simple as abc. Amid profligate expenditure and alleged corruption and insensitivity to mismanagement have landed us here. We pray for salvation.

• Sir my question is, is Ukraine also complaining about food shortages?. Because this is a country that is being whipped for close to 80 days, they aren’t complaining, but Ghana is. How possible is that?. And the issue of fuel. Arent Ghana exploring oil? Don’t we have our refinery that can refine it? What are we waiting for? We’re better than this and we deserve more than this. I agree with you.


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