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Sad: Beautiful Lady Reveals Her Deep Secret On The Bus. Part 1.

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I was travelling from Accra to Kumasi. On the bus, there sat a lady beside me who seemed to be extremely sad. She is a beautiful girl, but her sad face makes her face look horrible. Looking at her, I believe she is in her 20s. As a concerned citizen, I had to go forward and ask why she was sad. At first, she seemed not to mind me. I asked her like three times what the problem was, and she didn’t mind. So I mind my business by putting ear pins in my ears and turning on the music. The bus starts and off we go. It was a trip to Kumasi.

After driving for about an hour, we reach Linda Door, a popular place where people relax along the Accra-Kumasi highway. Everyone gets down to doing whatever they want to do. I get down to get some snacks. The bus started again and off we started our journey. After seating, I realized this beautiful lady did not get up to urinate or buy anything for herself. I had to divide my snacks into two and give her one, which she promptly took. I was happy she collected it because I knew if I asked her why she was sad, she would eventually tell me.

Without wasting much time, I asked her again why she was sad. She turns and looks at me with tears flowing through her eyes. I console her to stop crying. That is when she started narrating everything to me. She starts, “I’m from Ejisu, and everything was hard for me there. Anytime I take my phone to go on social media, I will always see my mates living a flashy life. Some of my mates have even bought themselves a car. I just love everything I’ve seen about them on social media. So one day, I text one of my friends “Hi” and she replies. During the conversation with her, I told her how things are hard here for me in Ejisu. Without wasting much time, she told me to pack my things and come to Accra, where she would help me.

With what my eyes have seen and how I see they are leaving the flashy life in Accra, I didn’t waste time. I packed my things and left for Accra the next morning. After getting to Accra, she came to meet me at the bus station to pick me up in a Range Rover 2021. Off we drove to her place. I was welcomed with a glass of cool wine. She asks me if I’m ready to get rich. I reply as quickly as possible, yes. She introduced me to her boyfriend. To my surprise, her boyfriend is far older than her. He could even be her grandfather. Her boyfriend’s house is one of the most beautiful houses I have ever set my eyes on. The man ordered food and drinks for us. I eat to my satisfaction.

I would love to end here, so please stay tuned as I bring you part 2 of the lady’s deep secrets, which she reveals on the bus in the next article. Thank you.

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