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Ghanaians Massively React After Putin Boldly Warned Finland Over Joining NATO- Read Details

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The President of Russia has recently done the unexpected aside from raising lots of concerns amongst Ghanaians after he boldly warned his neighboring country, Finland over joining NATO.

The renowned Russian President, Vladimir Putin warned his Finnish counterpart that joining NATO and hence abandoning Finland’s neutral status would be a hide ‘mistake’ considering how there isn’t any imminent threat to Finland’s security.

Concerning this, most Ghanaians have unexpectedly come out to express massive concerns as to whether Russia will also attack Finland considering how the former war has resulted in serious economic hardship and infliction in the country.

Below is a look at some of the comments that came through after the popularly known Russian President, Vladimir Putin unexpectedly sent another serious message to his neighboring country, Finland who are known to be joining NATO due to the Russian-Ukraine war.

From the above comments, we can notice that most Ghanaians were undoubtedly worse after the Russian President, Vladimir Putin boldly warned his neighboring county, Finland over joining NATO whilst others stated otherwise.

Do you think that another war between Russia and Finland will lead to another increment in fuel prices hence more taxes being imposed on Ghanaians as highlighted by some netizens even though most individuals claimed otherwise?

What are your thoughts on after Vladimir Putin boldly warned Finland over joining NATO which has caused massive reactions online even though most individuals claim otherwise?

Let’s know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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