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My madam buries people in her bar to keep guests – Driver of a Rich Ghanaian woman speaks

Following the confessions of a young woman whose mother owns an eatery in East Legon, another former employee of a woman has revealed how her boss used to engage in rituals to keep her customers.

According to the material posted on Love and Pills, the man stated that the young lady’s confession drove him to expose her late employer’s bad activities.

The account of the East Legon lady inspires me to write about my own experience. From 2008 through 2013, I worked as a driver for a businesswoman. She has multiple companies in various locales, salons, boutiques, bars, booths, and more. I drove this woman for 5 years, starting at Ghc 5,000 and gradually increasing till I retired in 2013 at Ghc 30,000.

We used to do some truly heinous stuff. We drive to remote places to kidnap children aged 3 to 10, and after we bring them home, I never see them again. I don’t inquire, but I know the children are no longer alive. We’d drive to one of her stalls or bars at dawn, and she’d strip naked and walk around the premises chanting strange words while holding a pot with blood in it. She’d then bury the pot in the middle of the premises and make me cover it neatly.

She goes through these rituals at least once a month. When I watched people ranting, I just chuckled since the morgue water the woman uses at her bar is nothing serious. We have a warehouse where we stored drinks and food goods such as rice and wheat. We kept them all in coffins, and only the woman, myself, and one other guy were permitted inside the warehouse. We keep a few drinks in them, and by the time we arrive the next day, there will be more, and she will claim they did overnight delivery.

We had no idea who did the delivery till I departed. What I did with this woman haunts me, and I don’t think my family and I will ever be able to relocate to Ghana. She died in Germany last year after having a major stroke, according to reports. I’m not sure what happened to her enterprises, but that’s all there is to it. She had three children at the time. One died in 2010, while the other two are still alive and well. Her first child had epilepsy that flared up every two days.

The second one died, but the third one was fine and I’m sure he still is. Because of the hardships they face, some of the wealthy people we admire aspire to be like us. Genuine wealth takes time to accumulate; let us learn to build steadily with what we have.

She made me swear with a pot containing a live turtle, cowries, and other horrible things not to reveal her or I’d die. I promptly moved to Canada and have been here since. Currently happily married with three children.

If she were still living, I would not be saying this. I am currently building enterprises in Ghana; I will return home shortly, but everything is being handled by my agent for the time being

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