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Facebook User Shares How a Hacker Tried to Hack His Facebook Account

This article is not made for promotion or advertisement for business or a products but rather to enlighten you on how a Facebook user shares to his fans on how a hacker tried to hack his Facebook account.

According to the user, he got notification from Facebook “Hi” and he attended to the notification and he saw that it was a message from one of his area boys. So he also replied to the guy “Hi Wosup”. The guy replied him back saying, “Good but bro I need your help oo!”.

He replied the guy, “OK, let me know if I can only help you”. The guy said to him, “I was trying to login to my Facebook account but Facebook want to send one of my friends a special code before they can let me login. So I want you to help me out with that code and I hope you can help me!?.”

So he replied the guy “Naa, I can’t help you” and the guy repeated what he said to him, “So you said you can’t help me!?”. And he replied to the guy, “Oh Yes, kindly do password reset and Facebook will send you straight code without contacting any of your friends”. The guy said, “Oh ok, thanks if you can’t help me “. The guy blocked the user because what he was expecting didn’t come through.

The Facebook user saw that, the guy wants to hack his Facebook account with that special code the guy was talking about. So he was preventing his account from the guy that is why he refuses to help him.

This is what the guy will do if the user agrees to help, the guy will try logging in the the user Facebook account and because he don’t know the user password, he will click on the password reset and Facebook team will send a special code to the user’s phone number.

That code is what the guy wants to get to use to hack the user account on Facebook. Don’t be a victim and protect your social media accounts from Hackers.

Click on the link to Watch Full Video On How he Narrated his story to his fans.

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