Angry Man Destroys A Home He Built For Girl’s Parents After She Refused His Proposal (Photos)

A man from Kenya was so angry that a woman he had considered marrying refused his proposal, he destroyed the home he built for her parents. A man who spent years building a home for his girlfriend’s parents has demolished the house after she refused his proposal.

Destroying it with a bulldozer. The man says he built the home for his girlfriend’s parents when they were struggling financially. However, after they refused to let him marry their daughter he decided to destroy the property – which took him two years to build.

The angry man, was said to be in love with a 28-year-old woman and wanted to marry her. They were dating he built house for his girlfriend, opened business for her, pay her siblings tuition fees and helped her family financially, he decided to build a house for her parents as a way of expressing his love.

However, when the young woman refused his proposal he requested for refund. When his girlfriend refused to refund him he went to their house and destroyed the house he built for them. Let’s hope he gets arrested and if you were the girl’s parent would you let him destroy your house?

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