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Monday, October 3, 2022

The secret ingredient to making relationships strong and stable.

Relationships have become a very complex and delicate issue in our generation. A lot is going on, a lot is happening. Some people are in it for fun,others want to test waters,some are in relationships because their friends are in one.Therefore this article is for those who genuinely want to build a relationship or a strong bond with their partner.

A quick disclaimer, everything I’m saying in this article is completely my opinion.

To me,I think the best thing to have in a relationship is respect. Respect because if you respect your partner you will

1.Remain loyal to them.You trust them not to do anything behind your back so they respect you not to.

2.Treat them right.No one who respects someone will do anything to hurt them,whether publicly or in private.

3.Have their best interests at heart.Again,if you respect someone you want their good,they are a priority in your life.

Basically, to me respect is the purest form of love,therefore the secret ingredient to making a relationship last.

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