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6 Times Cristiano Ronaldo Publicly Attacked Leo Messi.

From one of if not the greatest rivalry is the history of sports. Cristiano Ronaldo has publicly gone after messi several times and in this article we are going to talk about 10 of them. This is not based on opinions but on things that have actually happened.

06.In 2008 before winning the Ballon D’Or, Ronaldo declared “I am the best player in the world, the second best player in the world and the third best player in the world. There are some more good players behind me like Kaka, Torres and maybe Messi a bit, but I did all it takes to be the best.”

05.In the 2010 Classico, Messi put on a show to beat Real Madrid and after the match he was directly asked who is better. His reply was “Saying Messi better than me? He is one of the best…..This does not end here, we will see about that.”

04.In 2010 after the above happened anytime he was asked the question about who is the best he always said “I am not going to answer that question, everyone knows I am better than Messi.”

03.In 2011 after Ronaldo won the golden boot and Messi had won 3 Ballon D’Ors, he was interviewed again and he said “I would never trade my golden boot for Messi’s award because this one does not rely on people’s vote.”

02.After Cristiano was mocked by the Danish fans in the Euros, months after the above had happened, he threw a blow directly at Messi. “Do you know where he was at this time like year? Do you know? He was being eliminated from the Copa America in his own country. I think that is worse, No?

01.When Messi was voted the World Cup’s best player Cristiano joked on Portuguese television and said “I cannot be honest If I say what I think, they will throw me in jail.”

It is often said that the media is the one who try to stimulate this rivalry when the players do not even compete against themselves. Could this be true? Tell me your answers in the comments.

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