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Are you spending a huge amount of money and time to treat your chronic hepatitis B? Check out this


PHYLLANTUS AMARUS also called Stonebreaker

Please just look around your surrounding you will eventually see this plant, so common but very powerful.

This plant is most especially for hepatitis B patients. 

This plant is found everywhere and has been proven as God’s blessing for the healing of our various diseases and sickness. 

It has been proven to contain 25 chemical properties and actions.

 You can find it on the roadsides, gardens, cultivated areas, dwelling places e.t.c. It is about 30-60cm high with numerous oblong and feathered small green leaves.

 It is arranged in 2 rows with longitudinally ribbed seeds at the branch


Boil one handful of the plant with 1litre of water in a pot with the well-fitting lid on medium heat for 15minutes.


If you can see the steam escaping or smell the aroma, that means your lid is not tight enough and valuable properties are escaping.

It can be stored in the refrigerator after you might have strained the leaves and seeds out hence it goes bad after 3days. 

You can boil enough quantity and keep it in the fridge but it should not exceed one week.


Half or one full cup to be taken 2 times daily on empty stomach for 30 days consistently. 

Children to take a quarter of adult dose.

After 30 days go for a test again, if still any trace of hepatitis in your system continue treatment for two weeks and test again.

All traces of hepatitis B in your system will disappear completely. 👌 


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