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The five most common soups are prepared and enjoyed in most households in Ghana

Most Ghanaian households prefer soup-related dishes. This is unsurprising given that the majority of Ghanaians follow in their forefathers’ footsteps.

Despite the fact that many Ghanaian households have the option to eat rice every other day, our mothers, fathers, aunties, and uncles still like their meals to be served with soup, whether it be rice, fufu, ‘ampesi, or even Banku.

Let us look at the five most common soups prepared and enjoyed in most households:

Light Soup 

Light Soup is a traditional Ghanaian soup made by the GaDangme(or Ga) people of the Greater Accra Region.

Originally formulated as a ‘Tomatoes-Base Sea Fish Light Soup’ called ‘Aklo(or Aklor)’ for fishermen off the coast of Accra, it evolved over time into a soup made with both ‘fish and goat-meat,’ or ‘fish and lamb-meat,’ or ‘exclusively the meat of the livestock of choice,’ and known as ‘Toolo Wonu’ by the GaDangmes(or Gas). 

It’s known as ‘Aponkye Nkrakra’ among the ‘Akans’ who live nearby.

Palm Nut Soup 

Palm nut soup is one of the most commonly cooked soups in every home. When made with dried roasted bush meat or snails, it has a particularly exquisite flavor. It may appear difficult to prepare, but the rewards far outweigh the time spent doing so and save you a lot of money.

When it’s approximately three days old, it’s the most interesting part. When we visit our communities, we always eat roasted cassava with old Palm nut soup, which is absolutely excellent.

Ground Nut Soup

Groundnut soup is one of the dishes enjoyed by Ghanaians, regardless of ethnic background. It is a soup that the majority, if not all, Ghanaians enjoy.

In Ghana, this soup is the third most popular. Because it can be eaten with a variety of solid meals such as fufu, banku, rice balls, and kokonte, this soup is simple to make and saves you a lot of money. Despite the fact that some individuals feel groundnut oil is unhealthy, Ghanaians prefer it to other soups. Ground nut soup with chicken is a delicacy that must be tried.

Green Soup ( Ebunubunu)

Green Soup, also known as “Ebunubunu,” is made with a Light Soup base and a smooth mixture of Nkontonmire (cocoyam leaves), which gives it a natural green tint. Some people make it without the light soup base, but I haven’t tried it yet. Isn’t green a sign of good health?

Snails, crabs, scented fish, dried herrings, or salmon fish can all be used in its preparation. Tastes great and is really healthy.

Pepper Soup 

One of the easiest local recipes to make is Ghanaian Oxtail Pepper Soup. As a basis, it has additional pepper, ginger, garlic, and skinless Oxtail.

It is not suggested for people who do not enjoy a lot of pepper because it necessitates the use of someone who is familiar with hot peppers and spicy foods. Also, if you are skilled at imbibing alcoholic beverages, you will have a voracious taste for them. Pepper Soup has the most delicious flavor and a delightful scent.

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