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Are you suffering from chronic gonorrhea and other sexual related infections? Check how to use this.

Gonorrhoea is a sexually transmitted disease (STD). You get it from having sex with someone who is infected with it. You may have heard people call it “the clap. A sexually transmitted bacterial infection that, if untreated, may cause infertility. Hence many people are infertile because they failed to treat the infection when it was in its minor stage.

Symptoms of gonorrhoea include the following;

Persistent sore throat Swelling or redness at the opening of the penis, Greater urgency of consistent urination, A pus-like discharge of sperm ( white, greenish, yellowish) Burning sensation during urination.

Gonorrhoea is usually treated with an antibiotic injection of ceftriaxone one time to the buttocks and a single dose of azithromycin by mouth. Once on antibiotics, you should feel relief within days. However, plants have proven more powerful when curing infections of such sort. The following are the directions to follow to cure the infection with the Bitter melon plant, garlic, salts and alcohol. Please be sure to have undergone the various stages when preparing the concoction.

Items needed:

1. Bitter melon/ Momordica

4. Local gin alcohol

3. Garlic

4. Crystal Sea Salt


Wash the Bitter melon leaves completely to remove every dirt from their surface. Add little water and blend the Bitter melon and the garlic with crystal sea salt in a blender, Once the mixture is complete, pour it into a bottle Half fill the bottle with local alcohol and shake the mixture completely. Take the concoction 3 times daily (morning, afternoon and evening) Results will be seen in less than a week

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