‘I Did It For Allah’ Most Wanted Terrorist Confesses How He Was Forced To Butcher A Police Officer

The story of Kenya’s most wanted terrorist Salim Rashid Mohammed alias Chotara has taken a new twist after he confessed to the detectives how he butchered a police officer in his pursuit of Jihadism.

In his confession, Chotara who was nabbed in the Democratic Republic of Congo revealed that he was forced by a man called Abdalla who was the leader of a terror group called the Allied Democratic Forces to kill a police officer.

“I was given a machete and was instructed to behead him by soldiers from the ADF. They also instructed me to rally the people to spread Islam in order for Islam to rule all over the world. I did it for Allah,” Rashid stated.

In his confessions, the terrorist did not appear remorseful and further narrated that he found his way to the DRC by using little-known routes as well as trekking for long distances through forested areas.

Rashid stated that the instructions from the Allied Democratic Forces leader Abdalla were to rally people to convene in the Democratic Republic of Congo and spread Jihadism.

Link : https://www.kenyans.co.ke/news/72714-confessions-killer-most-wanted-terrorist-narrates-how-he-butchered-police-officer

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