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How three heroic children from Parkwood came to the rescue of injured puppy hit by car


Cape Town – Three heroic children from Parkwood carried an injured puppy – who had been chased by another dog and then hit by a car – for 2km to the SPCA in Grassy Park in order to ensure the puppy gets the treatment it needed.

10-year-old Thorne Davids was playing with his puppy Bruno, along with his two friends 11-year-old Matthew Hahm and 9-year-old Alex Jacobs, when a free-roaming dog set his sights on Bruno with an intent to attack, the Cape of Good Hope SPCA explained yesterday.

Bruno was chased into the road where a motorist passing by hit the puppy. and carried on driving, while the three children watched the horrific scene unfold.

The three heroic Grassy Park children, Thorne Davids, Matthew Hahm and Alex Jacobs, console puppy, Bruno, after he was chased by another dog before being hit by a car. Picture: Cape of Good Hope SPCA

While others may succumb to the trauma of seeing their furry best friend nearly attacked by another dog and then hit by a car with the motorist showing no remorse, the three children picked each other up and acted quickly instead for Bruno’s sake.


They took down the motorist’s number plate, wrapped a blanket around the injured bleeding Bruno, and used an infant’s car seat as a makeshift stretcher.

The 2km or 30-minute walk from Parkwood to the Cape of Good Hope SPCA in Grassy Park is not for the faint-hearted and will be strenuous for adults carrying the heavy load.

But the children persevered, each taking turns holding a side of the chair as they walked like crabs to get Bruno the treatment he needed.

Thorne held it together as long as he could until he arrived at the facility in Grassy Park where he eventually broke down in tears while Bruno was being assessed.

However, the 10-year-old remained a pillar of strength for Bruno throughout the traumatic day – for both child and puppy alike – as the two did not lose eye contact throughout being assessed by the veterinarian. Thorne played a pivotal role in assisting both the vet, Dr Stephan Spamer, and the little puppy.

Bruno was admitted to the animal hospital, needed to undergo X-rays and was sedated to find out the true extent of his injuries. Up to three of Burno’s paws were treated, but his right paw has bone exposed.

There’s a chance Bruno’s paw might be amputated, yet it will not deter Thorne’s love and affection for his furry best friend.

The Cape of Good Hope SPCA is asking the public for donations to cover Bruno’s forthcoming long hospital stay and other medical expenses.

Cape vet, Dr Stephan Spamer, along with the three heroic Grassy Park children, Thorne Davids, Matthew Hahm and Alex Jacobs, who saved the life of puppy Bruno. Picture: Cape of Good Hope SPCA

“Contributions towards Bruno’s care will not only get Bruno healthy and home; it’ll help a child keep his faith in us and humanity,” the animal welfare organisation said.

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