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Handle Ghana Card Integrity –

The Ghana Card has turn out to be probably the most crucial citizenship identification record within the nation but even so the Passport.

Certainly till its creation and its effective tuning to its present high-notched standing the passport served the aim of evidence of citizenship.

Lately with the Ghana Card about to turn out to be the record to be appropriate for banking transactions as in step with a directive through the Financial institution of Ghana its standing has improved even additional.

As a key part of the digitization mission it holds essential statistics of all electorate the database of which is controlled through the Nationwide Identity Authority (NIA) and its Nationwide Safety price too palpable to be not noted.

Now it’s being merged with the Social Safety And Nationwide Insurance coverage Agree with (SSNIT) numbers of individuals and pensioners a procedure which provides to its criticalness in digitization mission.

The hot rush for the record through those that within the early days of its creation have been skeptical about its significance is comprehensible. It’s required for the re-registration of SIM playing cards which procedure is ongoing. The brand new cell phone possession requirement has driven Ghana Card additional into the digitization time table.

Bearing in mind the function the Ghana Card is now enjoying within the lives of electorate it’s appropriate as any other safety record whose acquisition must be controlled with eagle eyes lest unscrupulous foreigners use felony method to obtain it.

There were circumstances of citizenship fraud perpetrated through individuals no longer certified to obtain the protection record and identical have been prosecuted.

Those are commendable movements through the NIA taking part with legislation enforcement group of workers hooked up to the headquarters of the Authority.

Legal parts appreciating the significance of the record and discovering it very best for his or her fraudulent actions will search leading edge method of outwitting NIA officers of their bid to obtain the Ghana Card.

This calls for added vigilance from each NIA group of workers and the general public. A citizen who knowingly assists an unqualified individual to obtain the Ghana Card lacks the attributes of a excellent citizen.

Policing such processes is fraught with demanding situations particularly when there are electorate who would no longer thoughts promoting their nation for a pittance.

Now we have noticed the frenzy for the cardboard because of its requirement for the re-registration of SIM playing cards. This has driven the fraudsters to hunt extra leading edge method of dishonest.

Even supposing we urge the NIA to expedite the processes of obtaining the cardboard its integrity must be secure through all method.

Fraudulent characters and middlemen when they’re stuck must be prosecuted forthwith to function significance deterrence.

Ghana Card falling into the fingers of unqualified individuals poses a expensive safety breach which must no longer be countenanced below any circumstance. In any case foreigners residing in Ghana legitimately are entitled to their model of the cardboard.

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