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Dressed in G-Strings might be problematic- gynaecologist

A gynecologist, Dr Kennedy Tettey Coffie Brightson, says ladies may just get vaginal infections in the course of the dressed in of flawed underpants.

In keeping with him, dressed in a ‘G-string’ might be problematic.

Talking at the GTV Breakfast Display, on January 27, 2022, Dr Brightson spoke of why the dressed in of ‘G-String’ may just motive infections.

“Sure…numerous ladies you realize there may be this factor they name it ‘G string’ ok you realize the thongs and such things as that, and as a substitute of getting a right kind lingerie, pants, that experience areas the place you set a panty liner, you spot the panty liner is sort of a door.

“Sure so while you put a panty liner to your pant you put on, the panty liner is going to warmth the vulva…Sure, it covers the vulva. Every now and then you’ll be able to get an an infection even in the course of the pant,” he famous.


The gynecologist defined that steadily the strings don’t correctly duvet the vagina, leaving it at risk of out of doors impurities.

“Specifically the ones panties that experience a lace-like construction and shape, there are holes in there. So now, while you put on the ones pants…the strings and the thongs, they don’t in truth duvet you correctly, they go in the course of the strains in between your buttocks,” he stated.

He demonstrated how dressed in ‘G-String” may just motive a vaginal an infection, particularly after the usage of the washroom.

“You progress up and down, so the micro organism across the anus you pull it into the vagina, vagina to the anus, anus to the vagina…and it infects the vulva with the micro organism,” in line with the gynecologist.

Dr Brightson stated he isn’t advising ladies towards using ‘G-Strings’, then again, ladies who wish to use that roughly panty must make certain the panties are blank.

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