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7 possible ways to forget your ex

Couples fight

A break up can be a big blow to your mental health and self-esteem.

It could leave your soul empty, leave you feeling lonely, unloved and most times depressed or suicidal.

The only way out of this depressing cage is to break free, you just have to move on. Of course, forgetting these memories requires time, deliberate action and a great deal of courage.

The fact that you’re reading this indicates that you’re ready to put the suffering behind you and move on. You should undergo a mind cleansing therapy to help you get out of this broken period. So, here are 7 excellent suggestions to assist you in moving on.

1. Be independent

Invest in yourself and become productive. Learn to do things for yourself, look for a job and take care of your needs. Becoming a self dependent person will help you forget your ex especially if you’re so used to them doing things for you. Working hard will help take your mind off them.

Remember the saying about an idle mind? Well, get busy, look for an activity and engage yourself in it.

2. Cut off all communication

Don’t fall into the trap of “she’s my ex but we’re still friends.” It’s not for everyone and it’s definitely not good for your mental health.

Avoiding any form of contact with your ex or their friends/family members, is a courageous but right step to take. If you want to move on, then no texting, no calling or secret meet ups. Avoid them.

3. No stalking

Stay off their social media pages and stop checking them out through their friends’ pages either. As a matter of fact, I suggest blocking or deleting them for a while. Stalking your ex will keep you stuck and cause you to relive the trauma day-in-day-out.

4. Rekindle or find a new passion

Being in a relationship for too long can make you drift away from things you love doing. One of the best ways to forget your ex is by looking out for something you loved doing, or get a new hobby or interest. You’ll end up finding new ways to have fun and become happier.

5. Hang out more

Honor social invitations, invest in your social life. It will help you forget your break up experience and give you fresh opportunities to meet new people and who knows, you just might meet a new love interest.

6. Avoid mutual meetings

Attending meetings where mutual friends (friends of your ex) are, is likely to cause fresh pains and bring back memories you’d rather forget. If you are certain you want to move on, then consider avoiding social events of your ex’s friends for a while.

7. Share with someone

Try talking to someone about how you feel concerning the break-up; it will help you feel less depressed and allow you to accept affection from other people in your life. Also, strive to form new relationships with your friends and family.

Whatever you do, do not allow this heartbreak or mistake stop you from living and experiencing love again. There are many people out there who would give anything for someone like you.

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