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” Do Not Kill Yourself” 7 Perfect Ways On How To Move On From Someone Who Does Not Like You

In today’s write-up, we shall discuss about perfect and classic ways one can adopt to move on from someone who doesn’t like you despite your efforts

Get away from everything that reminds you of him or her until you’re over them. This means not going to places that you had experiences with them at, putting away old pictures, and maybe even deleting their contact information from your phone or removing them from Facebook. It might seem rude, but you need to understand that you have to move on in life. Here’s one way to think about it. If you’re stopped at a red light and all the sudden it goes green, everyone else is going forward with their lives and you’re just stuck. You will eventually get hit by another car or fined for staying in the middle of the road. You can move, but it takes effort to put your foot to the gas. Move on. You do not want to be the person stuck at the red light any longer. If seeing them on your home page on Facebook or seeing them on your phone will bring back sudden memories or you will be tempted to contact them, you need to delete them. If you own anything of theirs, now might be a good time to give it back to them if it holds memories or is important to them. If you want to avoid seeing them altogether, you can get a friend to deliver it, or ship it in the mail. Getting rid of things that remind you of them is not the same as destroying things. It may not be a great idea to send all of their belongings up into smoke by burning it in a funeral pyre. It’s recommended that you store things, shelving them away, instead of destroying things. You want to temporarily forget about the memories, not destroy them altogether.

Get your mind off of him/her. Hanging out with friends, joining a club (i.e. drama clubs, creative writing or book clubs, online clubs, etc.) help a lot. Do anything to get your mind off of him/her. Write song lyrics or stories, do homework, hang out with friends at the mall, watching movies; all of these things work. Make sure that you’re not thinking of him or her and there is absolutely no reason for you to encounter them or think about them.

If you’re ready, try to find someone new to love. You could meet this person in a bookstore or a coffee shop, online, or in the middle of the street. Never lose hope as to where you will find your one true love. It obviously didn’t work out with you and the other person you once love(d), otherwise you wouldn’t be here right now. If it didn’t work out between you two, it wasn’t meant to be.

When looking for a special someone, remember to learn from the relationship mistakes of the past. You’re probably going to start looking for someone new, which means exposing yourself to different situations and people. Throughout it all, remember to learn from past relationship mistakes instead of making them all over again. That way, you hopefully only have to move on once and put that behind you. Fingers crossed! For example, if you were in a manipulative relationship with someone, look for clues in the next possible relationship that it’s turning manipulative. Stay away from people who make you feel bad for not getting what they want. Stay away from those can’t ever admit having done something wrong. You may be attracted to the pitfalls of the other person, and actively look for those in a new mate. But that’s only because that person didn’t give you the benefit of a healthy, active, mutually-respecting relationship. Once you’re in a healthy, active, mutually-respecting relationship, you’ll begin to realize that all the things you thought you needed in a relationship were, in fact, things that kept you from achieving your fullest happiness.

Let go now of false hope. Somewhere in your mind, you’re going to think “I can make them love me. Maybe they didn’t mean that, they were just embarrassed. Maybe one day everything will work out.” No. Let go of all of that. In order to move on, you need to know now that there is no hope for you guys. If he or she rejected you, they were probably being serious and holding onto false hope is not going to help you whatsoever. Know that if they wanted you, they would come back to you. If they haven’t already, you have to move on and let go of any false hope between the two of you. You can’t make someone love you, and if you’re thinking that, you might as well drop those thoughts. Everyone does it-you think it’ll make you feel better. But in reality, it’s really only making the situation worse because you’re once again not moving on.

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