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Saturday, May 28, 2022

‘My boyfriend is living a secret double life – now I’ve got to make horrifying phone call’

Anyce thought she was in a normal, happy relationship with the man of her dreams – until she discovered he was leading a secret double life.

The couple have been together since 2020 after meeting on Tinder.

Early on in their relationship, the man told Anyce that he was separated from his wife – but she’s recently discovered that wasn’t the case and he’s still married and splitting his time between the two, unsuspecting women.

She took to TikTok to explain the horrifying situation under the username @anyceg, explaining the revelation has left her “devastated”.

She also shared the message she sent to the man’s poor wife, insisting she she “never wanted” the other woman to be “hurt”.

She said: “Lady, you deserve to know that I was in a relationship with your husband in 2020. I met him on Tinder in April 2020, we met in person shortly after and he told me upfront that you’d been separated for three years.

“I found out he was lying when I decided to make a phone call and I found out he’d been lying all along.

“I was devastated and it really affected me for a long time, I really believed everything he told me and I thought we were in love and we would have a future together.

“I have no idea what your situation really is but what he did to me I can only assume he did to you, woman to woman I never wanted you to be hurt.”

Anyce finished her message by wishing the man’s wife “all the best”, and explained to her TikTok followers that it was “the hardest message that I’ve ever had to write”.

In a follow-up video, the woman said she had since spoken to the man’s wife on the phone about the situation, and explained she now “regrets” not telling her sooner.

She said: “She was gracious and she was grateful to me but she did wish that she’d known sooner. I shouldn’t have waited a year to get the courage to tell her that’s my biggest regret.

“If you know someone who is cheating, speak up.”

The woman also said she was sharing her story to “set a good example and give hope to others” – and commenters applauded her for her actions.

One person wrote: “Thank you for being a real woman! We need to bring the village back and reinstate the ‘girl code’. I’m sorry you’ve been hurt. You rock.”

While another said: “I am a man of integrity and I felt this was one of the most courageous things I’ve ever heard in my life. I hope more men watch this video.”

And a third added: “From the standpoint of a woman who was cheated on by my husband for many many years: you did the right thing.”

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