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Sunday, May 22, 2022

It’s Possible For Young Boys And Girls To Be Virgins These Days

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Pastor Mensah Otabil has disclosed that it’s possible for young men and women to be virgins these days through the grace of God and most of us will agree with him on that.

In a post shared by Bridget Otoo on Twitter, the respected man of God had supposedly said that in today’s world, young men and women can be virgins by grace as they won’t be able to stand it on their own.

According to him, at first, people use to hide sin but these days it finds you even on your phone and that’s because the kind of things some people share on social media is so alarming that it might draw someone into sin.

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Therefore, a young man or woman can be a virgin this day through the grace of God since the strength of that person will surely fail him or her when trying to be a virgin on their own and it’s very true.

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