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Kumasi explosion today sends a strange sign to Ghanaians after the Bogoso experience

The Bogoso experience remains the top of the chart despite the many or several disasters in the country.

International agencies were heavily alarmed and contributed to the discussion after BBC world reported the incident.

Globally, people think this could have been avoided if the individual safety of the people were prioritized. After the terrible explosion at Bogoso, reports indicate that there have been another explosion in the Ashanti region.

The Ashanti region’s explosion is alleged to be a gas explosion which has left some victims injured and in a bad state or condition.

The persistent explosions are however sending some thoughts to people about a possible back story to the issues occurring.

But from experts, these are random and coincident explosions that happened to occur at the same time frame.

The Kumasi explosion which is alleged to have happened between 2 to 4 pm today occurred with about 7 persons injured.

From reports, it is not linked to anyone or any neither does it have any political affiliations.

It is high time we remain positive and concerned about the fact that Ghana is for us all and not everything that happens needs to be politicized in that manner.

More reports about this is reported to be made available in the next few hours but for all we know at the moment, it involves a gas tanker vehicle with passengers surviving the incident.

Victims have been rushed to the hospital with the Tech hospital having some of them at their premises and taking care of them.

No one according to reports suffered a major injury that is capable of causing serious damages or lifetime problems.

One of the major aims of the security service is to ensure the proper handling and use of several items.

And this according to the Ghana police is also why they are on the necks of Ghanaians and searching their cars daily and making certain demands to ensure the safety of all Ghanaians.

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