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Hearts of Oak is a team that cannot be underrated for defending the league title this season

Accra Hearts of Oak found glory in their team since the good old days where a lot of guys are hoping to do their best for the club.

It is the handy work of God in other to push for a more talent and blissful players who are ready to die for the club in any hard time.

The players exodus has been tremendously improved by the club since the days of Ishmael Addo down to Rubin Yagne and Vincent Atinga.

The team has been very good on the Ghanaian soil but was lacking the direction to get a major trophy for the club. They always do their best by getting closer to the trophies and fail until lately, they got themselves a treble in one season which was 2020/21 season.

The Phobians pushed through to get themselves all the titles that has eluded the club for a long period of time.

There have been consistency on the part of the players for playing two consecutive seasons without an uninterrupted feud.

But there have been a little bit of disagreement in the terms and conditions of the team in their contractual issues with some the players but hope to sort them out soon.

The suspension given to the skipper of the side is based on the same contract terms with didn’t go in his favor.

Now the game has also switch from desire to monetary grounds, where your family rely on you for daily means. The team management should support the players in this abnormal time, where everyone wants to get better to limit expectations.

The look to defend the the title this season to prove their opponents wrong that, it’s not just a joke with the kind of pressure coming on them.

They started poorly but are now picking up their pieces to get the players and the team doing what is right now. We need to consider the rate and standard of the team to place much respect and emphasis on the team for doing very well this season.

With a game in hand, the team holds 20 points with 7 points gap difference between them the top teams.

Accra Hearts of Oak has proven to be a gem with some kind of replace from the team. They need to appreciate James Sewornu and the other young players who have been spectacular for the team this season.

With all the pressure, they feels secured and have adapted very well with the other players.

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