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Friday, May 27, 2022

The town will never be the Same – Pictures of Bogoso after truck Exploded

New Updates from the Truck explosion at Bogoso keeps coming in and and new casualties are being recording whiles the Fire service team, and the Police are at the scene making sure everything is in other. So far over 50 people have been confirmed dead whiles others are left in critical conditions, some have been transferred to Okomfo Anokye Teaching Hospital for treatment. The explosion affected half of the Bogoso destroying over 100 houses and properties, the Dynamite in the truck made the impact of the explosion travel far collapsing buildings which were far from the scene and shaking the earth.

Pictures from the town clearly shows how this tragedy has affected the town and people living in the community. Most people are homeless and have nothing on them.

People are beginning to question the laws guiding these truck which transport explosive materials to their mining sites. The police have began investigation into the issue. Our condolence to the affected Family.

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