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North Carolina man’s family of pranksters didn’t believe his lottery win

North Carolina man's family of pranksters didn't believe his lottery win

Danny Sims, who collected a $250,000 lottery jackpot in North Carolina, said he had trouble convincing his family that his ticket was legitimate due to their tendency to play pranks on each other. Photo courtesy of the North Carolina Education Lottery

Jan. 19 (UPI) — A North Carolina man said his family’s tendency for pranking each other made it difficult to convince them he had won a $250,000 lottery prize.

Danny Sims, 43, of Ellenboro, told North Carolina Education Lottery officials he bought a 20X The Cash scratch-off ticket from the Key Largo Food Mart in Mooresboro.

“It took me a while to realize I actually won something after the shock wore off,” Sims said. “I was so excited I had tears in my eyes.”

Sims said he initially thought he had won $25, but soon realized he had scored a $250,000 jackpot.

“I just froze and thought, ‘Oh my God,'” Sims said. “I thought it couldn’t be real. It was so hard to believe.”

Sims said he tried to tell his family about his good fortune, but convincing them he was telling the truth turned out to be a near-impossible task.

“We are pranksters,” Sims said. “We are always pranking each other, so they thought I was just messing with them.”

The winner said his family will have to believe him when he uses some of his prize money to help pay off his stepfather’s house.

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