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What You Need To Know About ATPU Commandos Who Whisked Jimmy Wanjigi’s Away From Westlands

|Photo Courtesy Of Heavily Armed ATPU Commandos At Jimmy Wanjigi’s Kwacha Offices In Westlands|

Businessman Jimmy Wanjigi has today evening been arrested by heavily armed ATPU Commandos who raided his Kwacha Group of Companies Offices in Westlands last night. It took the ATPU Commandos about 20 hour’s to whisk Jimmy Wanjigi away from his hidings.

ATPU which stands for Anti-Terrorism Police Unit is one of the Units of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (formerly Criminal Investigations Department) whose main role is to deal with terror related cases in Kenya.

ATPU was formed in 2003 after a series of attacks that led to the loss of many life’s. The first worst attack happened in 1998 and targeted the United States Embassies. More than 200 people lost their life’s and more than 800 survivors wounded. Al-Qaeda under their head Osama Bin Laden are believed to be the one’s involved in the attack.

In 2002, another similar attack striked an Israeli owned hotel in Kikambala, Mombasa leading to loss of about 12 life’s and more than 80 people wounded. This attack was also believed to have had been carried by the Al-Qaeda group but a Islamic group that identified itself as Army of Palestine claimed the responsibility of the attack.

It is these two worst attack’s that led to ghe formation of ATPU unit and for those year’s, the unit has been successfully countering any attack or suspection of an attack in the country.

The ATPU Commandos are usually equiped with very special training that suits their work perfectly. ATPU Commandos work in conjunction with other DCI officers attached to various units like the Criminal Intelligence Unit, Investigations Directorate, Crime Research Intelligence Bureau etc.

ATPU Commandos are usually armed with war equipment’s whenever in mission and leaves nothing by stance for the safety of the country.

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