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Possibly world’s largest potato to receive DNA test in bid for Guinness record

Jan. 19 (UPI) — A New Zealand couple who grew what they believe to be the world’s largest potato said a sliver of the spud has been sent for DNA testing in their bid to have it declared a Guinness World Record.

Colin and Donna Craig-Brown, who found the titanic tuber in their Waikato garden in the fall, said the potato — dubbed “Dug the Spud” — was weighed under supervision at more than 17 pounds, dwarfing the current Guinness record of 10 pounds, 14 ounces.

The Craig-Browns said they have been in contact with Guinness World Records, but the organization keeps responding with requests for more evidence.

“It’s just a never-ending case of having to do whatever they ask for next,” Colin Craig-Brown told Newshub.

The couple submitted photos, video and a statement of verification from an agronomist, but Guinness has now requested a DNA test be performed to confirm Dug’s species.

“They need to know what genus it is, what variety it is, you know, what his grandfather’s name was,” Colin Craig-Brown said.

The couple said a sliver from Dug is being sent to Lincoln University in Scotland for DNA analysis.

“We will do everything they ask of us … so at the end of the day, they can say yes or no,” Colin Craig-Brown told Stuff.co.nz.

The couple said Dug has lost some weight as a result of liquid loss, and is being kept frozen until they get official word from Guinness.

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