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It Was Wrong: Asantehene Shouldn’t Have Replied Dormaahene.

The Asantehene has come out to state or rather address certain issues raised by Dormaahene Nama Agyemang Badu. This is actually the first time he has done that after many actions of the latter clearly showed a seeming tension between the two.

A little dig into the reason for such behavior by the Dormahene would rather get people shocked. Most of them are not really anything attributed to Dormaahene in person but rather history. In other words , events which happened over three hundred years ago, long before the birth of both traditional leaders, seem to still irk Dormaahene as though they happened only yesterday. One of such was the killing of a Dormaahene known as Dormaa Kusi.

It is believed that the people of Dormaa have the skull of Obiri Yeboah, uncle of the first King of Asante, who was killed by the people of Dormaa. For this reason, the best response to the Asantes/hene when he is hailed as killing Dormaa Kusi( traditionally it is believed that, King Osei Tutu has been reincarnated to the current king and hence he’s sometimes addressed in that regard) ideally would have been to pride himself with having the skull with him and not throwing invectives as though those issues affect modern matters.

Unfortunately, by responding to or replying the Dormaahene, the Asantehene has rather set himself up for proper disrespect from not only the Dormaahene, but rather many other people who have already made him a target.

Silence would have been the best option.

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