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If A Baby Looks Through Their Legs, This Is What It Means

Have you have ever wondered what it means if a baby looks through its legs? Babies are quite interesting. Sometimes, they will pull really strange stunts that are hard to understand. Like what does it mean when a baby looks through their legs? 

You could go on watching them an entire day and not get tired; they are a source of joy for every parent. Something people have been talking about for generations is the question, “What does it mean when my baby bends over and looks between its legs?” Could they be predicting the future? 

Are they just exploring something new? Should I be concerned? Is there a reason at all? Let’s get to the bottom of it. Toddlers are working on depth perception. So I believe they may look upside down through their legs and see a totally different world.

In many cultures, when a baby bends over it is a sign of something coming in the future. Some people blow these off as superstitions. Other people swear they have seen them come true.

Some also believe that this is a sign that the baby is looking for their sibling. If a baby bends over and already has a sibling, they could be trying to find them. It is a fun upside down hide and seek game they can play together. What of you what do you believe and what does it mean when a baby looks through their legs.

Source: https://mominformed.com/whats-it-mean-when-baby-bends-over-and-looks-through-legs/

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