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How This Plane Crashed After The Captain Mistakenly Switched Off The Plane’s Engine

This is the tragic case of TransAsia Airways Flight 235 that crashed soon after takeoff from an airport in Taiwan. Accident investigations revealed that the pilots of the plane accidentally switched off the plane’s engine leading to the crash.

The plane had just taken off and had climbed to a height of about 1,200 feet when a master warning started to sound and a display showed that there had been an engine flameout or power failure in engine 2. This was a routine engine failure, fortunately an aircraft is designed in such a way that it can still be flown on one engine.

The Pilot Flying misdiagnosed the problem and assumed that the still-functional engine 1 had failed. He then shut down power on engine 1 instead of engine 2 and it promptly shut down. With both engines shut down the aircraft began to stall.

The mistake was not noticed until about two minutes later when the captain realised he had shut down the wrong engine and acknowledged his error. He managed to restore some power to engine 1, but it was too late to avoid the crash.

The aircraft continued falling down as the pilots rushed to restart engine 1, but the remaining altitude was not adequate enough to recover the aircraft. In a state of panic the captain clasped the flight controls and steered the aircraft so as to avoid hitting apartment blocks and commercial buildings. The plane managed to fly between buildings before hitting a bridge and a taxi, it finally crashed into the shallow Keelung River in Taiwan’s capital, Taipei.

Thrown into disarray after a routine engine failure, the pilots of TransAsia flight 235 did not perform their airline’s abnormal and emergency procedures to identify the failure and implement the required corrective actions. Their ineffective coordination, communication, and error management compromised the safety of the flight.

Investigations also showed that the captain had failed simulator training less than a year earlier, partly because he had demonstrated a lack of knowledge of how to respond to engine flameout at takeoff.

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