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How Lionel Messi’s Statement About The Super Eagles Could Lead To More Recognition

The Super Eagles of Nigeria are gradually climbing the ladder to become the best country in Africa and the world. There are a lot of young, talented players in the Super Eagles who play for a lot of top teams in the world.

Most of Nigeria’s top players, like Victor Osimhen, were unable to join the Super Eagles team for the AFCON 2021, but the team was still able to progress. This proves that the Super Eagles have a lot of talents that have still not been discovered.

Despite the number of talented players in the team, the Super Eagles have still not been able to win a trophy for a long time. They have been unable to win the AFCON since they last won it in 2012, and they have yet to win the World Cup.

However, the Super Eagles’ display in the World Cup has been impressive, despite the fact that they have not won the competition.

Lionel Messi is probably one of the star players who knows a lot about the Super Eagles of Nigeria. Argentina and Nigeria have clashed several times in the World Cup in the past, and they have now become rivals.

Lionel Messi recently admitted that the Super Eagles of Nigeria are the toughest African country he has ever played against. Lionel Messi’s statement would increase the recognition of the Super Eagles of Nigeria.

It would also create an opportunity for these young talents to be signed by the best clubs in the best leagues in the world.

What impact do you think Messi’s statement will have on the Super Eagles? Drop comments below.

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