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Don’t Vote For Old People – Prophet Oduro Stirs Fresh Controversy

The Alabaster International Ministry was fired up with curiosity when the founder, Prophet Dr Kofi Oduro charged the church and the Ghanaian people not to vote for older people. Many were dumbfounded hearing the Prophet advocate for an election of younger people into positions of power and leadership.

He did not mention any name as a subject of his condemnation, yet his remarks preceding the statement suggests his disapproval of the current political and governance situation in the country. He argued that his claims are valid yet many had failed to appreciate the truth and realities about them.

He had condemned in prayer, the violence that was exhibited by parliamentarians before the recess [last year]. Prophet Dr Oduro noted that it was despicable seeing Members of Parliament trade blows in parliament over a matter that should have been accorded the decency and respect for opinions, and the Ghanaian people.

The Prophet questioned the morality and sense of judgment of Parliamentarians and wondered why they could cause such a humiliation to a respected parliament of the country. He cried that the conduct of parliament lacked maturity and logic hence the backwardness and incivility that was displayed in the chambers.

…that someone’s father doesn’t deserve blows. We need to brainstorm. And we at home get frightened about what happens in parliament. Why? What wrong have we committed?

“And this is the hard truth I speak about but you won’t understand. Don’t vote for old people,” he concluded.

Prophet Dr Oduro prayed that Parliament will cure itself of these violent tendencies, and regain the respect of the people as they resume sitting this week. He prayed that God grants them [Parliamentarians] wisdom, maturity, patriotism and among other values, to be able to deliberate on matters of interest to national development.

He added that the selfish, partisan and parochial interest that took precedent in decisions that triggered the conflict must be extinguished lest the worse could happen this year.

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