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What Makes Alan Kyeremateng the Favourite Candidate Ahead of Dr Bawumia for 2024 Election?

The political race among the two leading aspirants of the NPP between Dr Mahamudu Bawumia and Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen has been the discussions of most Ghanaians as to who the party’s selection for the election 2024 would be.

Once the tenure of office of the Akufo Addo led administration is imminent and drawing closer to its end within the rest of the years ahead, it has become imperative for the party to seek somebody to be on the ticket of the party for the presidential race.

Putting things in a juxtaposition between Alan and Bawumia both are favourite to lead the party along with their political rivals the NDC and other political parties but my main focus of writing this article revolves around the right Alan Kyerematen and what put him ahead of Bawumia.

But between Alan Kwadwo Kyeremateng and Dr Mahamudu Bawumia something specifically stands tall for Alan the one who have had patience for Akufo Addo to lead the party for all this while.

It became clear just recently from Alan Kyeremateng’s own words that he sacrificed for Akufo Addo others should do same for him.

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Such a call is in its right direction and key for the party rather than to opt for Dr Bawumia in the realm of politics within the New Patriotic Party for the reason being that Alan Kyerematen has been a long server to NPP more than Dr Bawumia and remains the supporters favourite.

Alan Kyeremateng in terms of age is eight years ‘8’ older than Bawumia when you compare their ages that’s 1955 and 1963 respectively.

Alan Kyeremateng regardless of the fact that he is just a minister does not spoil his chance of becoming a president despite Bawumia serving in his capacity as the Vice President of Ghana.

Alan Kyerematen patiently waited for Nana Addo so shall Bawumia for the best moment when his time is up to lead the party in 2028.

The words of Alan depicted that his loyalty, greater commitment and patience he had for his party has yielded a greater dividend looking at the age between him and that of Nana Addo then.

Alan has been in the helm of affairs under the erstwhile Kuffours administration and that of Akufo Addo as a minister and it is not surprising that he stands tall above Bawumia

Age and loyalty counts in politics and it is clear that Alan Kyerematen’s moment has rightly come irrespective of Bawumia’s good works with Nana Addo.

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