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Three Major Things That Can Send NPP To Opposition In 2024

11th January 2022

A lot has gone down the drain since the NPP assumed office in 2007 and a lot is yet to happen before 2024. The fate of the ruling party is largely dependent on the shape of the economy during its tenure of office. This article is focusing on things that are likely to cause the defeat of the ruling party in 2024. In no particular order, below are three major things that can easily cause the defeat of NPP. The good news however is that, they can turn things around in next two years.

President’s Luxurious Lifestyle

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As to what became of President Akufo Addo, he chose to “live the life of an Arabian king” in 2021. The president Left Ghana’s presidential jet for other African heads of state and fly in expensive rented jets at the expense of the national purse. What is more, he has refused to account to the nation the amount he is spending in that luxurious lifestyle.

Ghanaians are aware the economy is not in good shape hence are ready to live in the hardships. But they expected the president who has asked the citizens to tighten their belts to lead by example. Unfortunately the leader is doing the exact opposite. Ghanaians are definitely aggrived over this and will likely punish the NPP in 2024.

Introduction Of E Levy

The electronic transaction tax is one policy of the Government of Nana Addo which has incurred the wraph of many Ghanaians. Almost every Ghanaian is not happy with the new tax regime. Some are unable to speak up due to political interest.

Ironically, the same policy is making the opposition NDC more popular than one could think. The party and it’s MPs have taken a strong position against the levy to the extent of going physical with the majority in the floor of parliament. Believe it or not, E Levy will severely affect the chances of the NPP in 2024 whether it is passed or rejected.

Election Of Bagbin As Speaker Of Parliament

This is by far the greatest mistake ever made by NPP. From all indications, some NPP MPs supported Mr. Bagbin to become Speaker.

In the final lap of a party’s term in office, the Government will have to introduce enticing policies that can make it win the next election. In such a situation the Government needs a supporting speaker to rubber stamp all its policies.

The current Speaker has demonstrated time and over that he is not going to serve as an errand boy to the executives. He made it clear during his inaugural address that he will not allow Parliament to become a rubber stamp to the Government and is executing just that.

This is surely going to affect the chances of the ruling party. No wonder the Government is looking for an opportunity to remove him through criminal prosecution. If Bagbin continues as Speaker until 2024, NPP will not secure up to 100 seats in parliament. As for breaking the eight, the least said about it, the better.

Of course other factors abandoned projects, failed promise, corruption and general hardship will account for the party’s performance in 2024 election, above factors will surely contribute immensely.

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