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We will resist attempts to employ prisoners to offload cocoa trucks

Business News of Monday, 10 January 2022

Source: www.ghanaweb.com


Cocoa carriers embark on indefinite strike

Cocoa carries embark on indefinite strike

Cocoa haulage affected by strike

Cocoa carriers want loading fee to be increased to GH¢1

Cocoa carriers have stated that they will resist any attempt by COCOBOD and Cocoa marketing companies to bring prisoners to work on offloading cocoa trucks.

Cocoa carriers are demanding an increase of the loading fee to GH¢1.

The Cocoa carriers who are currently embarking on an indefinite strike have stated they sighted some prisoners at the cocoa loading sites.

They reiterated that they suspect that they have been brought in to work in their stead since the strike is hitting hard on them.

Godwin Ocansey is the spokesperson of the aggrieved Cocoa carriers said, “If CMC knows that the strike is hitting hard on them, why shouldn’t they grant our request and why do they sit and wait for us to go on strike till God knows when but because they know the strike is hitting hard on them, that’s why they have to go in and bring the prisoners to work. They were working with some of our foremen to bring new boys and then the plan failed because w got the hint and w called the foremen to warn them and now, they’ve gone to bring prisoners”.

The nationwide strike which began on Wednesday 5th January 2022 has affected the haulage of cocoa since the cocoa trucks cannot be loaded to the ports for export.

Godwin Ocansey told Joy Business the situation has worsened their living conditions.

“From 4 to 5 years now, our salaries have not been increased for cocoa carriers. They’ve given us 62 pesewas for almost 4 years per bag until now they’ve not increased it,” myjoyonline.com quoted him.

Meanwhile, after a stakeholder engagement with the government, the price was increased to 82pesewas but the carriers say it is n0ot enough.

However, they will only resume duties if the loading price is pegged at GH¢1.

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