After Blasting Movie Producers, They Have Finally Started Paying Me

Veteran Ghanaian  actor Kofi Adjorlolo has revealed that after lashing out on movie producers for their unfair treatment towards him in the moving industry, they are finally treating him right by paying him his worth.

Speaking in an interview with Nana Romeo on Accra FM, the Kofi Adjorlolo bemoaned that his outburst was not just in favor of himself but his colleagues who were going through similar ordeal. He added that some of his colleagues have been calling him to thank him because his actions have yielded good results as movie producers are paying them their worth.

He furthered that all the Ghanaian producers owing him have paid him in full with the exception of one who is yet to fulfil his part of the deal.

Kofi Ajorlolo named  colleague actor and model Prince David Osei as one of the beneficiaries of his actions because he was also paid by a producer who owed him.

In his final statement, Kofi Ajorlolo admonished movie producers and directors to stop taking advantage of actors because that is where most of them get their daily bread from.