My Weight Made It Difficult For Me To Play Certain Movie Roles

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Kumawood actress Vivian Jill has revealed that she will not accept any movie role that requires her to act as a mermaid or river goddess, known locally as ‘Maame Water’.

Speaking to  Nana Romeo Welewele on Accra100.5 FM’s Ayekoo Ayekoo show, Vivian Jill explained that after a child was run away from her because of a movie roll she played, she has decided never to take up such roles again.

She furthered her weight made it difficult for her to play the role of “fetish priests” because she was constantly running around which made her whole body ache.

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She stated vehemently that she would reject any ‘Maame Water’ script from any movie director regardless of the amount of money involved.

“I won’t play such roles again. A certain child watched one of such movies and one day upon seeing me, began screaming violently and fell to the ground.”

The mother of two also reiterated that she won’t mind playing romantic scenes as they are not too stressful.

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