I have no time for disrespect

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The rivalry between two of Ghana’s biggest musicians Shatta Wale and Sarkodie is not ending anytime soon judging from recent happenings between the two as it has migrated to a higher levels where both go ‘dirty’.

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Shatta Wale after taking a swipe on the so far ‘popular’ beef between King Sark and Asem pointed fingers at Reggie Rockstone and blamed him for introducing the rap music in Ghana some years ago.

He was of the view that Reggie introducing the rap game has brought nothing but beefs and himself (Reggie) never made any impact with rap music that’s why he faded out quickly from the industry.

Reggie Rockstone ‘the Grand papa’ has pumped some sense into the head of the dancehall act Shatta Wale in his reply video to the latter’s claim.

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Reggie put Shatta Wale in his rightful place; reminded him that he(Shatta) in his Bandana days started off as a rapper.

“Right from the inception of Hiplife, Dancehall has been walking side by side with it. You are wrong to have said I didn’t make an impact. shit! It was through rap that I was able to pull up an international collaboration with one of your mentors of Dancehall Beenie Man and top likes” he said.

Reggie truly is the Grand pa! he talked sense in the video above.