Fake prophet who falsely accused Rev. Obofuor of eating intestines declared wanted by the Police (VIDEO) »

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One pastor identified as Elisha who is currently on the run has been placed on the wanted list of the Ghana Police Service kind courtesy of Rev. Obofour.

It would be remebered that few weeks ago, Pastor Elisha in an interview on Metro FM passed some comments about the founder and leader of Annointed Palace Chapel Rev. Obofour.

According to Pastor Elisha, Rev. Obofour killed two of his children and used them as sacrifices in order for his church to grow. He also added that Rev. Obofour even eats intestines and he has proofs to show.

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He later came out to apologize to Rev. Obofour for his comments saying that he was seeking to be famous and the only idea that came off head was to say such things about the man of God to get more followers.

But Rev. Obofour after watching the video got furious and vowed not to allow this matter slide because he will make sure he deals with Pastor Elisha for lying against him and lodged a complaint with the Ghana Police.

The Ghana Police in their effort to get Pastor Elisha to defend himself proved futile as all calls to him through his mobile phone didn’t go through as his line was off.

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This we believed triggered the police to declare Pastor Elisha as a wanted person since from all indication he is hiding from the police and subsequent prosecution.

Watch the video below:

It is also said that anyone with information leading to the arrest of Pastor Elisha must come out and anyone who is found to be hiding or keeping the accused person would also be arrested and not be spared.

Don’t forget Rev. Obofour has stated empatically that even if his dead father comes from the grave to beg him to let this case go he won’t listen to him.