“I Want To Stop Dating Pastors But They’re Too Good In Bed” – Lady Cries Out

A young lady has cried out on social media as
she claims to have great pleasure dating men of God than ordinary people.

The lady known as Lara took revealed that she has been dating reverend fathers and pastors for years now and want to put a stop to it but cannot because of the sexual prowess of the pastors.

According to Lara, the only issue she has with dating reverend fathers especially is because they normally get transferred from one church to another hence they change cities and towns.

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She revealed that she has dated 3 reverend fathers so far in her life.

“I’ve had an affair with 3 different priests and so far they are very good in everything,” she confessed.

“Ever since I’ve known men, the ones who have made me happy are Reverend Fathers. I only had one boyfriend before I met the first Reverend Father that I had affair with. He was so caring and good in bed but because they get transferred, it cuts the affairs short.”

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“I don’t have intention of dating ordinary guy because they break heart easily and I couldn’t find any guy that would keep me happy and not stress my life.

“I really want to stop dating Priests but I’m obsessed with them. What do I do?” Lara added.