UN report finds Sudan rebel group’s military strength supported by gold

Johannesburg – Control of goldfields in a rebel-controlled area of Jebel Marra in Sudan is strengthening the Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM-AW), a group that has refused to join peace talks in Darfur which are being brokered by South Sudan.

According to a recent report released by the United Nations panel on Sudan, the newly discovered goldfields are located in Torroye, between the villages of Feina and Kidineer in south-eastern Jebel Marra, the Sudan Tribune reported.

According to the UN report SLA-AW commanders collect 25 percent of the revenue generated by the mines to operate training centres and secure new recruits.

“As a result of the revenue generated from the mining operations, the movement has been able to strengthen its military capability by acquiring new weapons and ammunition from local militias and engaging in a recruitment drive,” said the UN’s independent experts.

The UN panel has continued to focus on the mercenary activities of the Darfur armed groups in Libya and how they are allowed to keep arms and ammunition they capture during the clashes in the troubled north African country.