WATCH: Girl screams as man attacks car in Johannesburg

A trip to a primary school in Johannesburg culminated in a road rage incident for a man and his 7-year-old child. TimesLIVE has spoken to both of the protagonists – and they blame each other. 

In the video footage, Itumeleng Kgoleng and his daughter are seated in his car while a man bangs on the driver side window.

The man, who has been identified as Steve Matavhulule, appears to be angry.

Matavhulule walks to the other side of the car, and pulls on the door handle while banging on the window.

The 7-year-old girl is heard screaming in the car.

Matavhulule walks back to the driver-side window, bangs on it and pulls the handle.

He then gets a hardware tool from his bakkie and returns to the driver’s side window. He bangs on the window with his hand one last time before the video ends.

Kgoleng explained to TimesLIVE on Thursday afternoon what led to the ordeal.

“What happened was is that we were at the robot and there was a traffic jam. We were parallel, so I asked to move in front of him but he refused. The next driver agreed.

“I teased him and poked out my tongue to show him I was cool and got a spot,” Kgoleng said.

He said when the robot turned green, he was travelling behind Matavhulule.

“The man [Matavhulule] stopped at the next robot and got out and came behind me. There were Metro cops and they told him to get out of the way. So I just drove off because I was late. . . Only to find that he was following me.

“Two robots later he cuts me off and gets out.” 

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