Viral bear video is not as cute as you think

The viral video of a baby bear climbing its way through a hill of snow is not as cute and adorable as you think.

The video, shot on the coast of Russia, shows a brown bear mother and cub attempting to climb a hill. 

It went viral on social media and was seen as a feel-good video after the mama bear and her cub eventually made it to the top.

Wildlife experts have urged caution though and said that the drone used to film the incident distracted the bears and could have caused distress.

According to National Geographic, wildlife ecologist Sophie Gilbert said the mother bear responded with fear and needed to protect the baby bear as a drone is an identified flying object to bears.

Dmitry Kedrov, the person who operated the drone, claims that the zoom affect was only used post-production and he made sure not to let the drone get to close to the bear.

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