Heartbreaking photos of incubator used in Nigerian hospital to save life of premature baby

Many challenges threaten the stability of the health sector in Nigeria, including an acute lack of proper infrastructure and equipment to aid the health workers do their jobs. In fact, reports have shown that about 2,000 doctors leave Nigeria yearly; meaning the manpower in the health sector is also reducing drastically.

Just recently, many Nigerians were reawakened to the sad reality of what some health workers face when doing their jobs. A twitter user identified as Dr Nonso shared heart-shattering images of a constructed incubator used in preserving the life of a premature baby at a Nigerian hospital.

Unlike the appropriate incubator used in better developed hospitals abroad, at a Nigerian hospital, the doctor had no choice but to put the new-born in an old carton, accompanied with hot water bottles and drip hanging with the aid of a rusted iron.

Luckily, the child is alive and well but anyone can understand it is sheer luck and the effort of the diligent doctor that is responsible for it.

See the heartbreaking photos below:


The photos have caused a stir on the internet for obvious reasons and the conversation surrounding it demands that the health sector in Nigeria be given better attention.

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