This cognac smart decanter unlocks access to private members-only club

Cognac maker Rémy Martin has developed their first smart crystal decanter, which gives owners access to a secret cognac society.

Set to launch in February, the NFC-enabled smart decanter for Rémy Martin’s Louis XIII cognac connects clients to a private members-only club with a tap of their phone.

Here’s how it works: A small NFC chip has been integrated in the cork stopper. After removing the seal, clients simply tap and scan their NFC-enabled smartphone, which sends them to the Louis XIII Society landing page. After creating an account, the decanter number will be automatically registered.

Membership to the private club includes benefits like customised decanter engraving, access to pre-releases of limited editions, contact with a personal adviser for private tastings and experiences, and access to a network of cognac connoisseurs around the world.

Last year, bourbon brand Jim Beam launched what they claimed to be the first-ever smart decanter that poured bourbon on voice command. 

The smart technology will be featured on every Louis XIII decanter, beginning February 2019.

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