‘Pay up’ – Twitter responds to Jacob Zuma & his legal fees

With eyes glued to TV screens for the legal battle between the Democratic Alliance (DA) and Jacob Zuma, fingers were typing away on social media as people shared their views on who should pay the former president’s legal fees. 

The DA maintains that the former president should cover the costs he incurred while defending himself in his criminal prosecution.

The EFF joined the DA in its bid to seek a review of the presidency’s decision to pay Zuma’s fees in legal charges against him.

Advocate Tembeka Ngcukaitobi, who is representing the EFF, cited reports and other judgments to support the argument that Zuma must foot his legal bill out of his own pocket. 

Agreements were made between Zuma and the presidency in which it was understood that the state would cover his legal expenses. The DA wants to have these agreements invalidated and set aside.

According to the DA’s James Selfe, who was quoted in an earlier TimesLIVE report, the state has already spent no less than R15.3 million on Zuma’s defense.

“This figure is likely to be significantly higher as this amount is confined only to the litigation involving the DA.”

With arguments set to continue on Wednesday, Twitter voiced its opinion the matter. 

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