It’s an honour being your man

J’Something is a hopeless romantic, who isn’t shy to let the world know that his wife, Coco is the queen of his heart. 

And we’re totally here for it! 

The Mi Casa frontman often gives fans hope when it comes to #lovegoals. 

In his latest post J’Something gushed over his wifey being an inspiration to him. 

“Today I can, without a shadow of a doubt proclaim that you my wifey are my greatest inspiration.  As we walk this life together rest assured that I will continue learning to love you, trying my utmost best to replicate the love that God has for us.” 

J’Something got real deep about learning to love his wife on a daily basis. 

“So glad I didn’t marry the girl I ‘fell in love with’ but rather I married the girl I was willing to learn to love with! God is pleased with us. I remember saying those vows at our wedding day and so far we’ve stuck to those words so truthfully.” 

The singer went on to promise to uphold the marriage vows they made to each other. 

“Dude you have my heart and I have yours. Let’s continue to put our faith in God and I will continue protecting you and shielding you and our family under the shadow of my wings as God continues to do so for me. It’s an honor being your man.” 


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